I wish my partner had committed to me as I had to the hike
There’s nothing quite like a bit of pain to inspire a new list of life lessons
Things suck for me right now, but the flow state will get me through this!

January 2023

Resolutions have had a vibe shift but they can work

December 2022

Financial differences between friends, shocking my ma with my memoir and British colonial history: let’s talk about a year of The Tiff (no longer…

October 2022

Dear Tiff is returning to your inboxes soon
A short story about my bladder, wanting to be a good girl and an eventful trip to Homerton hospital

September 2022

We're not all grieving

June 2022

Life can feel pretty good if you’re a bit morbid about it
Hello newsletter subscribers! If you’re in London and free on Thursday 23rd June, then please join me in conversation with author Chloë Ashby at Burley…
Selling isn’t what you think it is

May 2022

'Some cultures don’t distinguish between fiction and non-fiction and they’re all just stories.'