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👩‍💻 I’m Tiffany Philippou and I’m a single 35-year-old East London gal blogging through my break-up. Earlier this year, I caught my partner cheating on dating apps. You can read the full story here:

I write about grief, mental health, productivity, love, sex and relationships. This newsletter is about building a good life when things haven’t gone to plan 🍋

Expect honest tough love truths about the challenges of navigating transitionary eras of our lives. I also write an agony aunt column called, ‘Dear Tiff,’ where I provide answers to readers' questions on topics such as friendship, work, dating, and money.

Tough Love promises gossip, insights, life hacks, and a sprinkling of self-help. I hope that you’ll take some of the practical lessons in this newsletter, but mostly that in reading my stories, you’ll feel less alone.

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Tiff x

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About Tiffany Philippou

I’m an author, podcaster and journalist and I’ve published a book about my experience of grief when my partner died by suicide called: Totally Fine (and other lies I’ve told myself).

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I co-hosted the number one careers podcast, Is This Working?and interviewed guests about times they pretended to be fine on the podcast ‘Totally Fine with Tiffany Philippou’.

I’ve written for The iPaper, Refinery29 and Stylist. I spent my career working with startups and I’m interested in technology, new ideas and challenging the status quo.

Welcome to Tough Love, the home for re-writing the rules of how to live well. Keep reading and this newsletter could change your life 😉

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Building a life from a place I didn't think I'd be 🍋. Notes on transitionary periods of life, feeling left out, my mixed heritage and often writing about men that annoy me.


👩‍💻 'A modern Carrie Bradshaw, asking real questions' Tough Love reader. Single, 35 East London-based writer blogging my way through life's ups and downs. Author of the memoir 'Totally Fine (and other lies I've told myself)'