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Thank you for the resolution-making tips, especially the reminder that leaning into discomfort can be a good thing! Two things I'm trying to do more of this year are a) believe the things people tell me and 2) comment more on writing I enjoy, so I'm combining them by pushing past the fear that sharing my resolutions will be annoying despite you specifically asking us to tell you! (My brain is a super fun place!)

My big themes for the year are about learning how to be compassionate towards myself, prioritising my mental health and stop punishing myself because I need to take a break, and being more shameless about putting myself out there - both personally and professionally. I'm still working on breaking these down into more actional steps and habits I want to build. I'm definitely going to focus a lot on progress goals - I think my aim is to send at least one pitch a week even (or maybe especially) if it's to an editor I've never contacted before at a publication I can't imagine would accept my writing. I'm going to try and go to yoga at least once a week, because it's something I love and find a lot of joy in because there's no pressure to be "good" at it - definitely going to book and pay for a bunch of classes ahead of time, making it more likely that I'm going to make it to class, even when I don't feel like it! I want to ask for a higher rate whenever I'm offered a commission or a content writing gig, because I know that just asking will make me feel like my worth has more value. And as my new phone contract has significantly less data than before, I'm going to do my best not to turn it on when I leave my flat, "forcing" myself to grab my book out of my bag and read on the bus as I won't be able to scroll on Instagram. Even reading for 10 minutes really leaves me feeling so much better and so inspired to create.

Oops, this is a super long comment, and those are only a few of my plans for the year! Happy new year!

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Good Tips on making resolutions stick. Success can happen easier by doing baby steps and setting smaller more attainable goals each year, week, and day.

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