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Who owns the seabed around England?

Read articles from “ The Guardian” newspaper on this?

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Thanks for so openly sharing your thoughts. I’m in NY and have long been fascinated by other Americans’ fascination with the royal family. For me, it’s always been an alarming symbol of class, privilege and oppression. I expressed upon her death my disgust that millions were being spent on her funeral when so many people are in need. The inequity is shocking to me and the loyalty people have to this system also shocks me. It was refreshing to hear an alternative POV.

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You're not alone Tiffany. I don't feel as strongly anti-monarchy as you do, but I hate the cover it gives to a terrible divided society. And I hate how it's used by patriots to cover up the truth about colonialism. My father was RC Northern Irish--he and his siblings were driven out of the country because there were no opportunities for Catholics. But having lived in the US for a number of years and looking at the place now--I'm currently in Massachusetts--there's no reason to think that getting rid of the monarchy is the straight road to justice. There's an argument that a constitutional monarchy gives an emotional focus for people's feelings and makes them more open to chucking out politicians in whom they are not emotionally invested. I used to believe that strongly...but the last few years have made me less certain. Anyway, a great piece of writing. As ever.

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